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distortStudios is a professional solution in the field of online, electronic and print advertisement. Every project is guided by the team of professionals who do their best in order to produce the highest quality material. Tasks are treated individually so each product is unique! We are engaged in advertising for private person, small and big companies. We deal also with the advertising campaigns and diverse fairs.

We offer websites on the highest visual and functional level with the most interesting solutions, varied graphic design, interactive, smooth animation and also clear and faultless code. distortStudios is the only company that offers websites in 3D Anaglyph system which provides you with an opportunity to use three-dimensional glasses during browsing the website. Websites can also take the form of online stores, portals or web banners. Our interpretors will allow you to translate websites in the foreign languages.

We invest in your comfort, time and quality therefore we invest in your success. According to the customer demand, we are able to implement simple CMS systems (Content Management System), where you can manage with website content and applications as web galleries service. E-commerece systems will make your online store managing or integrated auction on eBay really simple. For bigger companies we suggest CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) – it will enable you to keep everything under control and possible relations with customers will be well organized. Each project is provided with the opportunity to translate the systems in the foreign languages.

We design and print on different carriers. Business cards, leaflets, billboards, posters, signboards, car stickers, overprint on CD/DVD/Blu-Ray, brochures, newspapers, magazines, catalogues, envelopes, headed papers and forms. Every project is printed on high quality materials.

3D visualizations is a perfect solution for property developers or real estate companies. We offer comprehensive design of fair stands, interiors, buildings, housing estates and visualizations of designed advertisements. Such solutions are provided in the form of photos, films/animations or interactive sightseeing (even on the website).

distortStudios also realizes movies and animations. Our productions are mostly used in order to advertise companies and their products on LED Displays and TV commercials on local, countrywide and international television stations. We also create Website elements and multimedia presentations.

Multimedia presentations are extremely useful in creating conferences, trainings or to present your company and its products. Due to the fact that we combine 2D, 3D graphic technologies and animations, we are able to create wonderful interactive presentations.

If your company has problems with advertisement and you would like it to be more successful, you should order Corporate Identity. The distortStudios team will take care of each detail. Owing to this, your company will operate with private and coherent advertisement, and it will occupy the first place in different rankings. Corporate Identity is designed for small and big companies.

The basic of your company’s success is an advertisement.
Cooperation with distortStudios team will guarantee fast and dynamic development and certain profit to your business activity! Contact us and we will provide you with help with primary advertisement, advertising campaign and company policy! Don't wait for luck, you decide!

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